Thursday, July 20, 2017


Yesterday was the Lady's work at home day. She was happily sitting at her computer chatting with a colleague in Georgetown, Grand Cayman (Lady consults there) when her computer shut itself off. Lady knew the battery was getting low but apparently hadn't plugged it in properly so it died. She messaged her colleague on her phone and waited a few minutes. The computer would not restart. Lady knew in her heart, her faithful old Mac that had a lot of issues (like keys that didn't work and applications that hardly opened) was on its last legs but she kept hoping it had more life in it.

After calling support and not getting help, Lady panicked (yep she nearly lost her mind but then pulled herself together) packed up and drove the 45 minutes to the Apple Store. Without a computer she couldn't work. However, she was very thankful she had just updated her computer on Sunday so if all else failed she would only lose 2 and a bit days of work.

The new baby
When she got to the store she was told there was a 2 hour wait. While she was chatting with the guy who works there named Ben, he said given how old her computer was there wouldn't be much they could do. Because it was vintage (aka 2011) they no longer have the parts to fix it. Lady got Ben to show her the comparable new ones. She went and talked to the Man and they decided that it was time to just replace the old computer. The old computer keeps having issues and again, without a computer Lady can't do her whole job. So Lady went back and talked to Ben and bought herself a new Mac Book Pro.

While she was doing this, the Genius , Matt, came to look at the old computer. He took it to the back and the 10 minutes he said he needed were really like 30. He was able to do something to get it going (something about resetting it and removing the battery). He told Lady she should never turn it off again until she was sure she had everything off of it.

A much poorer Lady drove home with a lovely new computer and a computer that she could get all her files off of.

Instead of getting any of the work she wanted to get done, she spent the rest of the day setting up her new computer. She got her 13 000 work files transferred to it. She hasn't taken on the pictures yet and realized after her purchase she doesn't know how to get pictures off her camera onto the new computer because there is no slot for the card. She hopes she can find the USB cord for it. (Her camera is from like 2007 so before they were Internet connected).

We think this horrible computer issue has made all of our behaviours look good! Lady will fill you in on what we have been up to shortly!

Lady is now behind on work and traveling for it so if we aren't around much the next week or so, you know why. We will try to visit a little (now we have a good computer it may be easier!)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wildlife Encounters - Thank Goodness I Am Stronger - By the Lady

As some of you know, I just completed 80 sessions over about 10.5 with a personal trainer to make me stronger and to teach me how to work out at home. It has been a reluctant journey for me, but one I was eternally grateful for on Thursday.

Lee and Phod sniffing in our yard

It was 5 am, and the sun wasn't full up and the sky was as hazy as my brain (I have been up for about 10 minutes). We were walking down our private road, heading out for our morning walk.

I spotted (and so do Lee and Phod) 2 baby groundhogs in the grass about 30 feet ahead.

Lee went crazy, barking, screaming, jumping around. Phod was just intent and focused in his quiet way.

The groundhogs didn't move, they kept eating.

Slowly, with control, we move forward, hoping to scare them into hiding.

Lee became more agitated and loud but I was strong  enough to keep control.

Finally, when we were like 8-10 feet away, one of the little ones turned and scampers toward a tree. It started to climb. It fell and started to climb again. The other also scampered towards the tree and climbed it. 

When the climbing started I realized we weren't dealing with groundhogs. Groundhogs don't climb trees. What we were dealing with was 2 baby porcupines. We never say the mom.

I truly believe if I hadn't been as strong as I am now, the ending to this story would be at least one dead baby porcupine and at least 1 injured dog. Being strong saved a life!

For those who aren't familiar with these animals, I have attached pictures I found on the internet. You can see how in longish grass in dawn light from afar you could mistake the two. 

A baby groundhog

A baby porcupine 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Mischief Monday - She's Back Again

Uncle Chris has been sent to Alberta to do some surveying so cousin Emma is back for about a month.

She brought her own food so we shouldn't have eating issues.

She did pee and poop on the floor once so far (Lady and Man can't figure out when it happened except when they were sleeping).

But overall, things are good and walking the 3 of us isn't too crazy for Lady.

Now if we could only get Lady to dust off the real camera and get some pictures of us!

Friday, July 14, 2017

See Beautiful Friday - Summer Days

Our front yard

It has been a record setting wet summer. We tied the record of having 18 consecutive days of rain. The dull days really help you see the beauty in blue in the sky.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Our Beach

We are thankful for the little private beach down our road we have access to. In less than 5 minutes we can be here:

Our little beach

Our lake

More lake

Hailey is not a swimmer but she will wade in and she loves to eat the waves.

Phod on the other hand, loves, loves, loves swimming. He is our dock dog!


We are thankful to be able to spend parts of our summer in our own mini-beach paradise.